Roy Allen Family Update

Friday, June 17, 2005

Here I am with my beautiful daughters family. Krista, Brian and Madison. After Christmas break this last January, 2005. Posted by Hello

Cheryl caught me at the sewing machine. I was making a new baby quilt for my future grandson. Maybe Nanci will bring it to the Family Reunion to show it off. Posted by Hello

The man at the MTC. Posted by Hello

Marcus is faunching at the bit to get into the mission field. I had to catch up to help him with his luggage. Posted by Hello

Mom tags Marcus on the big day. Posted by Hello

A proud moment for his close friend and sister Nanci. She appreciates the brand new name tag indicating "Elder Allen". He will be missed by her, but she is very proud and supportive of his decision to serve a mission. He of course is OK with serving in Hawaii. Posted by Hello

Marcus and proud parents at the MTC. This can only be described as a bitter sweet moment. Happy to get him out to serve his Lord and saddly contemplating missing his happy personality at home.  Posted by Hello

Grandpa with his riding partner Madison and Curley the spotted horse. Madison just does not want to get off, she wants to ride all day. I think that Curley will miss Madison don't you? Posted by Hello

Madison gets to know the calf. I think that he likes her. Posted by Hello

Grandpa with Madison his little Cowgirl. Posted by Hello

Grandma can still get up there and ride with the best of them! Posted by Hello

Hatching time. Nanci, Mom and Krista are anxious to get started. They are all ready to get their hands on their new family member. Nanci says that natural birth is for the birds, give me the drugs!! Posted by Hello

New baby Wyatt Ryan Archibald. Weight 8 pounds 3 ounces, length 21.5". He hadn't cried until the nurse cleaned him off at this point. Posted by Hello

Grandpa with his new grandson. A proud moment. Posted by Hello

This is Nanci's first real look at her new bundle of joy. When she looked into his eyes, she said hello and he smiled up at her. Seems crazy but it happened. He knew her. It was very prescious. Posted by Hello

Proud daddy. Wyatt seems to be looking at his new dad. Posted by Hello

Proud parents. Baby Wyatt a few minutes old. Posted by Hello

The old leaning shed. Posted by Hello

Living room. Posted by Hello

Backyard and house. Posted by Hello

The front of the old homestead. Posted by Hello

The old garage. Jim and Kathy brought their horse trailer to help move the huge amount of stuff to Island Park. You can see Brian Hobbs, Krista's husband as he goes in for another load. Posted by Hello

The old garage. Jim brought his horse trailer to help move the huge amount of stuff. You can see Brian Hobbs, Krista's husband going in for a new load. Posted by Hello

The old barn and backyard. The barn is already torn down by now, so this is the last great photo of the barn. Posted by Hello

The TV room at Mom and Dad's. Many hours of entertainment. Posted by Hello